Bema Café Drobnera 38

Bema Café Legnicka 56

Bema Café Grabiszyńska 238

Bema Café Solny Square 4


#1 Drobnera 38 Mon.-Fri. 8:00–21:00
Sat.–Sun. 9:00-21:00
Tel. 71 322 02 12
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#2 Legnicka 56 Mon.-Fri. 8:00–21:00
Sat.–Sun. 9:00-21:00
Tel. 71 786 40 66
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#3 Grabiszyńska 238 Mon.-Fri. 8:00–21:00
Sat.–Sun. 9:00-21:00
Tel. 71 785 15 80
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#4 Solny Square 4 Mon.-Fri. 7:30–22:00
Sat.–Sun. 8:30-22:00
Tel. 71 302 75 21
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About Us

Bema is coffee. High quality specialty grains, made by good coffee roasters, which are also brewed alternatively. Bema is food. We have a permanent, proven menu, but we are still experimenting. We create everything ourselves, based on high quality natural ingredients from local suppliers.

Bema is climate. A wonderfully designed, bright space where you always feel comfortable, whether it's spending time with friends, working or simply immersed in reading alone. The atmosphere is also created by good music, which is the sum of intriguing novelties and nostalgic journeys into the past discovered by us.

Bema is people. Young, professional, always smiling team.

Drop into the Bema Café.